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The 10k

Our city held the Rock Island Greenway 10k and half marathon a couple of weeks ago, covering grass, asphalt, and trail. Kyle and I both ran the race – it was our first race together since the Warrior Dash in 2012 (pre-kids) and his first 10k ever. So, in other words…


We arrived at the race super early. I say super early because I mixed up the times of the races. The half marathon began at 7:30 a.m. — the 10k began at 8. So we froze. FROZE. Guys, I’m from Louisiana. I’m not all into standing impatiently this 40 degree morning weather.

Freezing before the race began

But when the race finally began — oh, it was great! Racing invigorates my love for running. I can feel completely burned out from running, wondering why I would ever sign up and pay money to run, and then the event begins. And all those negative thoughts get pushed aside as I remember why I love racing. Running together with a large group of people, everyone cheering each other on, knowing that you’re running some long distance — it’s a great rush. And I love the individual competition for most individuals. I’m not trying to win a race. I’m competing against myself, no one else. So there’s a camaraderie with most runners. During the race, I had several people say, “You’re doing great! You’ve got great pace!” Well, well. Let me just deflate my head a bit so I can keep up that great pace.

The hill we started the race on — and that’s Kyle finishing the race and running downhill on it.

I will say, though, I certainly felt my ill preparation for the race. I had spent most of my time inside running on a treadmill (#lazyrunner). I had the distance down, but I did not have the elevation. This race STARTED on a hill — not just any hill, either, but a hill I generally avoid in my own running routes because it is a beast. But that’s okay — the race had just started, my adrenaline was pumping, and I went slow. Slow is never really how you want to start a race, but it was necessary with that huge hill.


I usually will use the MapMyRun app when running so I can work on my pace, but my phone was a little squirrley that day, so I opted not to use the app, which actually messed with my time. Remember that awesome pace I had? Yeah, it was awesome — too much so. I generally will run a 10-minute mile. But I had a 5k pace of about 25 minutes — way, WAY too fast. And that definitely messed with me for the last three miles, which included  a one-mile upward hill (okay, okay, it was like half a mile…or at least a quarter mile — at any rate, it was awful).

My goal was to finish the 10k in under an hour — which would be hard but not impossible.

I finished the race at 58:34.

Despite the hills, the changing terrain, and my poor training, I still did it — I still finished the 10k in under 60 minutes. Definitely came close, but I succeeded and even finished sixth in my age group.

Kyle did great as well. For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a Type 1 diabetic. Running is a bit of a challenge for him because he has to watch that his blood sugar doesn’t bottom out during running. I was a bit nervous for him, but he completed the race with no problems.

And then to celebrate — well, we took a nap!


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I know, I know. It’s your favorite day of the month! Mine, too!

Me: “Did you wash your hands?”
The Artist: “Yes.”

Me: (feeling her hands and realizing they are exceptionally dry and eying her suspiciously)
The Artist: “I used a lot of paper towels and dried them really good.”
Me: “So if I go to the bathroom, will I find a lot of wet paper towels?”
The Artist: “Yes.”
Me: (gets up)
The Artist: “Wait, wait. I put them back in the silver holder so that’s where they are.”
She went in time out.

IMG_4553Me: “Darling, did you go poo poo?”
The Engineer: “No.”
Me: “Let me check you.”
The Engineer: “No, no, no. Shoo! Shoo, Mommy!”

Me: “The person who sings this song is Gwen Stefani.”
The Artist: “Gwen Stefani? Is that Spanish?”

The Artist: “I’m trying to talk to Jesus. HELLOOOO! Jesus???!!! HELLLLOOOO.”

(eating ice cream)
The Engineer: “It’s SOOOOOO good.”

(listening to “What Does the Fox Say?”)
The Engineer: “I LOVE this song!”

(after bedtime)
The Artist: “I was looking for you. Y’all (me and her sister) left that kitty cat book in my room.”
Me: “it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”
The Artist: “Well, I stepped on it.”
Me: “You shouldn’t be stepping on it. You should be in bed.”



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Thankful for marriage

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this Thanksgiving — I actually want to be a little serious for a bit and talk about my husband. He’s awesome. He’s wonderful. He’s my favorite person in the world, and I’m his favorite. And this Thanksgiving, I want to talk about how thankful I am for him.

I was recently featured on John Thomas’ website, Inspire Your Marriage, and so I’m linking to the post featured on his site. Thanks to John to allowing me to share my story.

Link to the blog here.

And, of course — gobble, gobble!



Birthday goals

I started my 35th year on this earth last week.

So far, it’s been an eventful 35 years. I found salvation with Christ, earned three degrees, married the love of my life, birthed two darling girls, and settled down. Along the way, I played tennis (According to USTA, I’m a 3.0 even after over a decade of inactivity — but that’s another blog post at another time), ran some half-marathons, and I found out I’m a bit of a daredevil and like to hang glide, parasail, and jump off cliffs (The Artist gets it honest).

I used to have a sheet of my 30 before 30 – 30 goals I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30. Some of them included earning my Ph.D., purchasing a house, and having a child. Check yes on all of those. But there were some goals that I did not get accomplished — for example, learn Spanish (No habla Espanol well) and learn to surf (but I did come THISCLOSE).

When I think about goals for this upcoming year of my life, where I want to see myself when I turn 36 – I think – here. I want to be here, teaching students, loving on my baby girls, and having my husband beside me. I do hope I will have more wisdom when I turn 36, though, and that’s where I focused this year’s objectives: wisdom.

How does one become wise?

Next week, I’ll post some of my favorite prayer journals and Bible studies, but for now, here is my short but essential “Judith Gets Wise” list:

1) Pray. I love how Val Woerner encourages her followers to pray just 10 minutes a day. Just 10 minutes. That’s such a short amount of time during the day, but it’s so good for the soul. My mood is better, my attitude is brighter, and I’m just a nicer person all-around when I have been in communion with God.

2) Study. Whether it’s diving into the Word directly or pouring into a Bible study, I need to see and read God’s Word. I’m one of four Sunday School teachers in our department, and we’re on a once-every-three-month rotation. And when I’m on, I’m on. I research, I study, and I prep for Sunday morning. But when I’m off rotation, my Bible study slacks. I need to be more consistent with Bible study.

3) Read. I love to read. I always have. And, even better, both of my kids are voracious pre-readers. The Artist will always have five or six books in bed with her, and The Engineer has at least two. They want to read. They want to learn. And I do, too. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, I am an advocate of reading every day. Sometimes I slack on this, though, whether from lack of time or lack of interest in my current read. So here’s the new goal for achievement: if I like a book, I can finish it in under two weeks. If I don’t, it may be a month or two months before I finish it. So my goal is that if I don’t finish a book in two weeks (due to my disinterest), I put it away. Life’s too short for bad books.

4) Write more. I love to write. I write this blog, don’t I? I like to write long books, though. But I don’t schedule much time to writing – that’s something I need to change. Today.

Four goals. Start slow, finish strong.

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It’s my birthday today, so to celebrate, here are my most recent #isms from my children.

The Artist: “My friends had to leave and can’t play with me anymore.”
Me: “I literally made you a friend. It’s your sister. She’s your lifelong friend.”
The Artist: “She’s just an experiment.”
Me: “She is not an experiment!!”

The Artist: “I need my vitamin.”
Me: “I gave it to you this morning.”
The Artist: “Are you sure?”
Me: “Yes.”
The Artist: “Hold on, I’m going to check with God.” (Holds up an imaginary phone.) “Hello, God? Is Mommy telling the truth? Okay, thanks.” (Hangs up imaginary phone.) “He said no.”

Kyle: “I’m ready to go to bed.”
The Engineer: “Me, too.”

(to a dog chasing us in the neighborhood while we were riding in a golf cart)
The Artist: “You don’t want to mess with us!”

The Artist: “I can count to 10 in Spanish. Uno, dos….Corinthians…”

The Artist: “Am I taking a lunchbox to church?”
Me: “No, we’re eating dinner here before.”
The Artist: “I don’t want to go then.”
Me: “What? Wait, why?”
The Artist: “I’ll get hungry.”
Me: “NO, YOU WON’T. I’m feeding you before.”
The Artist: “I’ll still be hungry.”

The Artist: “Knock, knock.”
Kyle: “Who’s there?”
The Artist: “Interrupting Saints.”
Kyle: “Interrupting Saints wh–”
The Artist: “WHO DAT!!!”

(The Engineer earned a trip to Dairy Queen after no accidents all day at school. So after she finished her blizzard, she informed me she needed to go potty. After she did…)
The Engineer: “I potty. I get treat?”

(passing a woman at the doctor’s office with a newborn baby)
The Artist: “That lady is going to have a baby.”
Me: “Shhhhh!”
The Artist: “What? I didn’t say she was OLD.”

And with that, happy birthday to me!!!