About Me


  • Married my best friend, Kyle, in 2005. We’ve been having life adventures together ever since.
  • Kyle and I have the two most precious angels in the world: “The Artist,” who is 5 going on 13, and “The Engineer,” who is 1
  • We also have a dog, Vicki, and a cat, Apollo, but they don’t show up often in my writing. Sorry.
  • I have a Ph.D. and M.A. in mass communication and a B.A. in journalism. So I have fancy wall decorations that are sitting on a filing cabinet in my office.
  • I love Jesus. That’s part of my core identity. And I love my church. We’re an imperfect body of Christ, but I am so thankful to do life with them.
  • I am a full-time assistant professor of communication. I love it. I get excited to talk about theories, social media trends, news, politics, and religion. And because I like to be just a tad bit taboo, my current research is about politics and religion. Don’t invite me to dinner.
  • I want to hear your story. For real. Email me, tell it to me. I studied and served as a reporter for my local paper; I love to hear about people.
  • The end.