Some food stuff here

It’s fall. You all know what that means. Crisp air, falling leaves, the smell of a cool, brisk wind –

Nah, y’all. It’s Louisiana. It’s still hot as Hades here.

At any rate, if you want to turn your AC down to 69 (which I did) and pretend it’s fall (which I also did), you might be interested in cooking one of these fall dishes. Now, first and foremost, I am not the food blogger who is going to tell you how much delight you will get out of making and eating this dish. I’m just going to give you the recipes, because OBVIOUSLY you will GREATLY delight in making and eating them. I do hope you, my culinary friend, will enjoy.

<The Unnamed>
Yes, I have a recipe called The Unnamed because Kyle and I can’t agree what to call it. It’s a dish my mom made when I was growing up, and I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like it – kids included.

Oh, one more thing — I do recipes a lot by the “taste and see” method. That’s why you can add another half pound of velveeta if you want or another pound of ground beef if you wish. Play with it. Make it your own. It drives Kyle insane because he follows recipes to a T – and then there’s me. “Did you add the oregano?” “Um, no. I added extra Italian seasoning instead.” “WHY????” “Felt like it.”

1 lb ground beef (go for 2 if you like meat a LOT)
1 lb velveeta
1 can Ranch Style Beans
2 cans chili no beans
Whipping cream (Whatever the smallest carton is)

Ground the ground beef. Drain it. Mix in the velveeta, three cans of beans, and rotel. Cook until velveeta is melted. Take off heat and add in whipping cream. Serve with Doritos. My mom likes to eat hers with rice, but when you can eat Doritos, always eat Doritos.

Sort of fried fish
Shut up, I know it’s not a fall recipe, but you NEED to hear about this. We got an air fryer months ago, and, really, it was used for cooking chicken nuggets and French fries. We weren’t really doing it justice. So I LOVE fried fish. I love anything fried, let’s just be honest. But you can fry CATFISH in your air fryer. WHAT??!! It was like magic just took place in my kitchen.

If you don’t have an air fryer, ask for one for Christmas. Start a gofundme account. Because while it’s definitely handy to have for chicken nuggets and fries, it is AMAZING for fried fish.

Catfish. I suppose you could use other fish, too, but I haven’t tried.
Fish fry seasoning (I use the Louisiana brand fish fry seasoning)

Heat the fryer to 400 degrees. Coat the HECK out of that air fryer with Pam. You don’t want your fish to stick.

Coat that fish in fry seasoning. Oh, what, you thought I forgot about an egg bath? No, I didn’t. No egg bath needed. Just dunk in the seasoning and transfer to the fryer.

Fry for 10-12 minutes on one side and then flip to fry about 10-12 minutes on the other. I have been able to put two pieces in at once, but you may only can fit one, depending on the size of your catfish.

Thank me later.

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