#isms, Volume 3

Every day, y’all…EVERY DAY my kids make me just bust out laughing. And I know every parent feels the same way, but it’s just so astonishing, even though my older girl is a full 5 years old, to see my adult sassiness portrayed in such a little body. She’s had it since she could mumble out words, though.

Kyle once said that he wished she could stay 2 forever – because 2 was a magical age, an age with excitement and wonder, with new experiences every day. And a friend said, “Why would you want that? Don’t you want to have conversations with her? Don’t you want her to ask questions and grow so you can learn about her hopes and dreams?”

As I like to say – parenting is that wild ride that keeps getting better.

And then we have my little one, my little crafty Engineer, who is using her toys to turn lights on and off, who moves stools from room to room so she can reach things, who uses my furniture like a playground – that one is coming into her own with even more sass. Heaven help Clairol and Revlon and L’Oreal and my hair stylist, because in a few years, we’re going to need the big guns to cover up all this gray.

For now, though, enjoy Volume III of #isms – quotes from my sweet and sassy little babies.

(after learning that God created animals and taking her favorite My Little Pony to Sunday School…)
Me: “Did you learn that God created Twilight Sparkle?”
The Artist: “No. We said she was just a pony.” (Then, accusatory…) “God didn’t make unicorns.”
Me: “No, but He made us to have imaginations to imagine unicorns. That’s kind of cool.”
The Artist: (pause) “I’m imaginating I’m singing and flying on a unicorn right now.”

(trying to skip church)
The Artist: “Yaya, do you hear how bad my voice sounds? And now I’m going to cough. Cough. Cough.”

Me: “Okay, sweetie, good night – oh, wait, look, the dog is on your bed!”

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 1.47.15 PM
We might have a Chihuahua problem.

The Artist: “What is she doing on my bed??”
Me: “Maybe she wanted to sleep with you. Can she sleep with you?”
The Artist: “NO! She will poo poo and tee tee all over my bed!”

The Artist: (singing): “Oooh, baby, do you love me?”
Me: “What song is that?”
The Artist: “One I made up.”

(in the car)
The Engineer: “NOOOOOOO.”
The Artist: “You better stop that yelling! If you don’t, I will unbuckle myself and I will throw you out of this car. Do you hear me?”
The Engineer: “NOOOOOOO!” (laughs)
The Artist: “Okay, that’s it. I’m going to unbuckle myself and throw you out of this car…Mommy! I need you to help me unbuckle!”

Me: “Did you get in trouble today?”
The Artist: “I don’t remember. My memory’s foggy. Silly memories. They thought they could go away.”

The Artist: “I love unicorns. They’re my favorite horses.”



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