He’s getting older…

My main squeeze got a little closer to 40 this week.

Three years ago, we signed papers on our current house on his birthday. Two years ago, we had just brought a newborn baby home. So I wrote some smart aleck comment on Facebook saying, “Last year, I bought you a house; this year, I gave you a baby; next year, I’m just getting you a card.”

Well – I apparently prophesize because the next year, inadvertently, I got Kyle a card – with a personal note from his favorite meteorologist.

This year – this year I have been lax. We purchased each other new light fixtures for the house (#adulting) for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and he bought himself some fancy new cooking equipment “from me” for his birthday. I would tell you what it is, but it sounds French, and I only took Spanish, so I wouldn’t even begin to know how to spell it.

But because he is awesome, I wanted to dedicate this blog to him with the top 5 birthday memories (not just his birthday, either!) I have over the years we have been together. Therefore, in no particular order…

  1. The Artist’s First Birthday
    The week of our firstborn’s first birthday was hard. SO hard. My dad had broken his hip and was in a hospital three hours away. But we had friends and family members who stepped up and turned The Artist’s party into this magical wonderland. We had her party at a park near our house, and watching Kyle walk up the street with her in the stroller with balloons was so beautiful.
  2. The SS Beach Birthday
    Kyle gets the best birthday parties ever (you’ll see in a minute), and I think The Engineer will get some of these perks of being a summer baby, too. Somehow, during many times in our marriage, we ended up going on vacation on or very close to Kyle’s birthday. This one particular year, we went with our Sunday School class to Hot Springs and rented a houseboat. That was fun enough, but then Kyle received a call that he passed his master’s comprehensive exams, too. Winning birthday that year.
  3. His 21st birthday
    For Kyle’s 21st, I blindfolded him and had his friends spray silly string all over him. It may not have been his favorite birthday, but it was one of mine.
  4. His 30th birthday
    I planned another surprise party for his 30th, and it was fabulous. Not only did we have a surprise party, but also I made a video of 30 people giving 30 different memories about him. What makes this one stick out is that some of those individuals have died since then, and having them on film wishing Kyle a happy birthday is so special.
  5. My 21st birthday
    So this is one story we like to tell over and over. We had just gotten engaged the week before my birthday – and he basically forgot my birthday in all the excitement of the engagement. So to make it up, he rushed to Walmart and bought me an iron (no, no, I’m serious) and a card and wrote, “You iron out the wrinkles in my heart.” I can’t EVEN roll my eyes hard enough. But it does make my top five list.

Happy birthday, love! Whether it’s with cards, houses, kids, or irons, I’m so glad I get to spend all the birthdays with you.

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