We are Eve

She had her husband and the Lord.

She walked in beauty and grace before she knew anything such as shame or guilt. She was barefoot, naked, and beautiful. We can’t compare anything in this world to what she experienced because this world wasn’t her home. She lived in perfection.

She lived in Eden.

When the snake came to her and asked her to disobey God, we aren’t told whether this was his first attempt to deceive her or his hundredth. Did he come and tempt her every day?

“Eve…don’t you want to be smarter?”
“Eve…surely you’re not dumb enough to think that you’ll really die?”
“Eve…it’s going to be better than your wildest fantasies.”
“Eve…don’t you deserve it?”
“Eve…don’t worry, God will forgive you.”

The Bible is a long book, filled with stories about real people. We see a glimpse of their lives, but we don’t see their daily, hourly struggles. We see a brief picture, not the entirety.

The same goes with our lives.

We have our community, and, if we are followers of Christ, we have the Lord.

We walk in beauty and grace because God has given us those for ashes; he has turned our mourning into dancing. He has given us hope, a promise, and a future. We can’t compare anything in this world to the beauty of heaven, because this world is not our home. One day, we will live in perfection.

One day, we will live in heaven.

But until then, when the snake comes and asks us to disobey God, he won’t just come once. He will come every day with something new.

“Judith…don’t you want to be smarter?”
“Judith…don’t be stupid. How bad is it, really?”
“Judith…it’ll be so great if you just give in.”
“Judith…don’t you deserve it?”
“Judith…don’t worry. God will forgive you.”

Put your own name in. Haven’t you heard those reasons before? Haven’t you heard those excuses?

God is in the midst of us, dear one. He will not be moved. He will help us when morning dawns with new troubles and new temptations. We can conqueror temptation through Christ.

In God, we have strength. In God, we have courage. The joy of the Lord is our strength. We may live in a fallen world, one full of sin, corruption, and hatred. We may not see God’s glory the way that Eve did in the beginning. But we still see God’s glory in His creation. We see Him reflected in us when we mirror Christ. We see Him in the beauty of laughter, of kindness, of a tender heart. We see how things were — and our spirits long for home.

C.S. Lewis said, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” Even though we are faced with temptation, it is never as satisfying as we hope. And that’s because we were made for greater things.

Don’t lose heart.



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